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A lot of hotels come forth down the list when you search for the best NJP hotels and lodges. But do you know which is the ideal one serving non-negotiable services? Well, Tirupati Lodge near NJP railway station hold 100% authentic, honest, and positive reviews from the customers who has stayed with us in the earlier times. Tirupati Lodge is the most reliable accommodation among the many NJP hotels when it comes to easy accessibility to various other places in North Bengal. By virtue of it being near to the NJP central railway station of Siliguri, it adds flair to your trip. If you wish to visit Gangtok, or Sikkim, or even the tourist places in the plains of Darjeeling district, various cabs are available from NJP which shall lead you to your destined location smoothly.

Tirupati Lodge is not only an entity of the NJP hospitality group but also the most favorable travel assistant in the region. Once we are at your service, we do the very needful to make your North Bengal a complete success. If you are new to the place, we ensure that all your travel necessities are met with perfection. In need, we even book cabs from amongst the most reputed cab agencies to make your road trips memorable. In case of early train arrivals or departure, our lodge is always at your service 24*7. If you are worried about being in an alien city, finding a reliable accommodation is an ordeal, book with Tirupati Lodge to avoid any such uncertainties. We provide 100 % safety and matchless facilities which is both affordable and rich in quality.

Many hotels or lodges near NJP railway station tend to compromise on the cleanliness and hygiene factor of their premises. But Tirupati Lodge understands the importance of cleanliness and the upgradation of services. Our lodge maintains stringent hygienic rules to keep the environment fresh and warm. With no comprises made even on the quality of food, we offer authentic delights at our indoor restaurant. Be it food, local sightseeing, security of luggage, early train boarding/arrival- our lodge near NJP serves as the ideal comrade.

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