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Looking for the best and affordable hotel near NJP station? Visit and book your room immediately! Tirupati Lodge ranks among the best NJP hotels. If you are misled against the quality of hotels and lodges near NJP, Tirupati Lodge proves you wrong. Unlike other hotels, Tirupati maintains stringent hygiene and ideal environment that suit the preferences of every kind of a traveler. Our biggest cherry on the cake is the central location of our lodge- NJP railway station. It is the proximity of the station from our hotel that defines the demand we have for our rooms. Taking the Location into consideration before selecting a hotel is a must attribute for having the perfect holiday.

Our determined team of players in the game of hospitality is unbeatable and efficient to perfection. The team knows the right way to attain 100 % customer satisfaction. We aim to deliver astounding quality of services in the fields of food, room service, and travel assistance. In case you are new to the place and are seeking to go for a Darjeeling or a nearby tour, our travel executive is available to plan your trip thoroughly.

Cross analyzing of a hotel or two helps you filter the best out of the rest. On cross analyzing hotels near NJP station shall clearly bring Tirupati Lodge on top of the list. Be it by virtue of budget-friendly rates, or the quality of services our dedicated staff renders, Tirupati is the choicest hotel near NJP Railway Station.

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