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Finding a good hotel at the most convenient location when you are planning for a vacation is of a vital importance. Well, we have simplified that crucial task for you. As you search for hotels on the internet, our hotel, Tirupati Lodge, tops the list of the best and affordable hotels near NJP. With no second thought floating across your mind, book now at

Location serves a very importance purpose before you choose an accommodation- Tirupati Lodge is the choicest location-friendly lodgenear NJP. It is in close proximity to the central railway station of North Bengal, wherefrom you can start off on a tour to any of the hill stations of the North East by easily booking a cab or a car arranged by our tour executives.

Most of the time, customers are worried about the quality of the amenities available and served at the hotels and lodges near the NJP railway station. But when you come across Tirupati, no such comprises shall be made. Our reputation in the field of hygiene, cleanliness, and amenities, is uncompromising, top-tier, and unswerving. In the throat-cut competition of the hospitality game, our team players are the best. We offer modernized services that are in tune with the taste of every kind of guests that we receive on a daily basis.

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