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Most of the times, we tend to decide on our choice based on the information provided to us and sadly enough, most of the information provided to us are either biased or non-authentic. Similar thing happens when you choose to select the best hotel near NJP railway station. Most of the customers who pre-visited the other NJP hotels near to the station, they have had poor experiences with regards to the cleanliness and hygienic services. But Tirupati Lodge is not amongst the crowd. We stand unbeatable in the field of hygienic environment, best food quality, prompt room services, and other facilities that meet the demands every modern traveler of time.

The very essential virtue of Tirupati Lodge is that we maintain no commissioned 3rd party to gain customers on the basis of false assertions only to disappoint the guests. Reach us directly through our website or mail us at [email protected]. You can also reach us directly on your arrival at NJP station. Our address is : Tirupati Lodge Pvt. Limited, NJP Ramnagar Colony, Near NJP Railway Station. You can even follow the Google map to reach us or can contact us in case of any directory help - 0353-2692680, +91 8436600595.

Unlike other lodges or hotels near NJP railway station, our price ranges hover at budget-friendly rates. Since we keep no 3rd party for our promotions at the station, our charges are excluded from the extra ratio of the commission of the promoter. Tirupati Lodge has being maintaining its managerial ethics and protocol over the years and no other lodge near NJP can match our standard. We offer authentic and value-based services to keep our cliental base strong.

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